RACE in the Media


Daily Performances of the Roman Army and Chariot Experience

Amman, November 27, 2005

After months of careful preparation, The Jerash Heritage Company has started daily ticketed performances of the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE) at the hippodrome in Jerash.

The show runs twice daily, at 11am and at 3pm (2pm during the winter months), except Fridays. It features forty-five legionaries in full armour in a display of Roman Army drill and battle tactics, ten gladiators fighting “to the death” and several Roman chariots competing in a classical seven lap race around the ancient hippodrome.

RACE legionaries

Stellan Lind, RACE Chairman: “We are happy to present the complete show to tourists and Jordanians alike. By having two performances a day, more people will get the opportunity to experience this unique event.”