RACE in the Media


RACE in the Media: Special Performances Create International Publicity

Amman, June 29, 2005

During the month of June, The Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE) caught the attention of the international media, staging several special performances for interviews and photo opportunities.

Agence France Press (AFP) had extensive coverage on June 14 with photos. The article was titled "Chariot Races Bring Ancient Roman City Back to Life in Jordan", and was published in The Daily Star/Herald Tribune and Al Rai newspaper. It was also picked up by Yahoo News, Khaleej Times and numerous other websites in several languages.

The London Times ran a feature article titled "Gladiators Battle to Restore Tourism" with photos by Peter Nicholls on June 27 and next day the same article by Stephen Farrell was published both in the paper and online in The Australian.

A BBC correspondent attended a special performance at the hippodrome on June 28; this interview is expected to air in July and National Public Radio (US) will broadcast an interview in July as well.

The Legion VI Ferrata (the Ironclads), gladiators, and chariot races at the Jerash hippodrome were the subject of an article in the Weekender section of the Jordan Times on June 23.

The Daily Mail (UK) will cover the performance in August and National Geographic (Germany) will feature RACE in its July issue in an article about gladiators.

Stellan Lind, RACE Chairman: "When the international media contact us and come to Jerash to learn about our performances, it is a testament that we have a unique product that is creating editorial coverage in the most prestigious publications and radio stations. This is of course not only great for our company, but also for Jerash and Jordan as tourist destinations."

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