Roman Army Drill Returns to Jerash

Amman, March 2005

In preparation for the coming daily performances, the Jerash Heritage Company started training in Roman Army drill with up to sixteen legionaries in the hippodrome in Jerash in January of 2005. The training was led by Cajus Allius (Mr. Colin Martin) from the UK re-enactment group XIIII Legion Augusta in Vermulamium (St. Albans).

The legionaries have been recruited from retired Jordan Army and Police personnel. They very quickly learned all the commands used – all in Latin.

Further to marching, turning etc. the drills included the forming of the “wedge” and the “testudo” (tortoise), an attack position using the shields when approaching fortifications.

Sunday the 30th of January the group made a performance for 25 US tour operators, guests of the Jordan Tourism Board. The company Chairman, Mr. Stellan Lind, dressed in Roman toga, and its General Manager, Mr. Fawaz Zoubi, in full legionary’s armour, also made a short presentation informing about the coming performances with both legionaries and chariot races.

The training of the legionaries continues under the leadership of Mr. Zoubi. When ready the Roman company will consist of more than forty legionaries with weapons and full armour.

The first performances, also including chariot races, are planned to start mid May of 2005.