The Roman Army Performance and Chariot Race
Pre-Launch Events and Reviews

HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid formally unveiled the first Roman chariot prototype built for the Roman Army and Chariot Experience [RACE] at his residence on September 7, 2000. The Project, from then on, caught the interest of local news and high profile international TV media channels.

A press briefing organised at the hippodrome, in Roman Gerasa, to present the chariot pulled by two horses and two Roman legionaries was on that occasion filmed by an independent British TV producer.

The RACE project was covered by the Jordan Times, Jordan TV, and was featured in footage for the BBC and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The chariot harnessed with horses has appeared in a documentary by Granada TV on Emperor Vespasian.

National Geographic Traveller published information about RACE in their March 2002 issue.

During the visit of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to Jordan, Roman legionaries raced the chariot at the hippodrome in a show followed two months later by a special presentation to HRH Princess Alia of Jordan